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We are a boutique family owned agency that has been built on hard work, referrals, customer service and attention to detail.

Please email us, or contact us here.


Below is some information about how we intend to manage your property…


Property Management


We understand that you want an agency to manage your property with the attention it deserves.  Here is what can you expect from 1840 Real Estate’s Property Management Department:


  • The person who manages your property owns the business.
  • Zero Tolerance Policy.
  • Superior quality marketing campaign, high quality photo’s, flexible open times.
  • Tenant qualification process, including multiple database searches.
  • Collection and lodgement of bond.
  • Daily monitoring of rental payments! We will know within 24hrs if your tenant has missed a payment.
  • Attend an tribunal hearings.
  • Payment of all outgoings for your property.
  • Quarterly Periodic Inspections with photo reports.
  • Property maintenance checks including quotes for repairs and improvements.
  • Monthly landlord reports.
  • Detailed ingoing/outgoing inspections reports with 300+ photos.




Our superior quality marketing campaign is aimed at using the best features of your property to ensure we get the highest rental price available. Only the best quality photography and carefully written wording will be used for all marketing material. Open times will always be flexible to ensure the best quality prospective tenants have an opportunity to view the property.


Tenant Qualification:


Great tenants are the key to a successful investment property. It is our aim to find a long term tenant who will love your property and make it a place they call home. This is reflected right from the listing stage, we will then move on to market your property on 10 of the most popular real-estate websites with carefully worded adverts that are aimed at catching the attention of the “right” tenant. Open times are flexible (including mid week and weekends) allowing busy professionals time to attend and inspect the property without feeling rushed to make a decision. All attendee’s at open inspections are documented on arrival, this is the start of our qualification process.

Once a completed application is received from a prospective tenant, our detailed qualification process continues. All references, rental history and employment is checked carefully. Once all our checks are completed we will provide you (the landlord) with a detailed report attached to each application for you to make your final decision.


Please call or email us to interview us as your Property Manager

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