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Buying a Property

When buying a property (not from us), who’s on your side? We can assist in your purchase!


Why do so many purchaser’s trust and put their faith in the vendor’s agent? The vendor’s agent is required by law to represent their vendor, not you.


So who looks after you?


We can, as a buyer’s agent. Some expected results you should see are:

  • Achieving a better price!
  • Negotiate the inclusion of expensive property contents
  • The property professionally ‘Exit Cleaned’
  • Favorable settlement terms

We also provide reports on comparative sales, so you don’t pay too much and also read over the Form 1’s during the cooling off period (if you desire).


Many of our clients will use this service to acquire an investment property too, including, Property Investment Analysis software to determine what the bottom line is going to be on your next investment property – will it be truly positive or negative cashflow?


Contact us to discuss our Buyers Agent service today!

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